BEVEL — Our Story Our Cause

Rick Nelson and I founded Bevel in 1999, the year I had my first child. We believed we had a
niche to fill, a creative vision to nurture, and some incredible relationships. While we had no
formal design training, we had an urge to express ourselves, making eyewear that is both
wearable and flattering, inspired by colorful palettes in cosmetics. Since the beginning, our
background working with Japanese artisanal craftsmen has infused in us an admiration of the
quest for perfection in engineering and innovative technical design. Claudio Arena, a perennial charismatic force of nature and giver of interesting idioms, joined our team as a partner 12 years ago, while Rick has since retired.
Our story has been one of challenges overcome, and like many small, independent businesses, learning from our mistakes. Apart from the international crises over the past years, we have chosen to ignore the advice of many that Lasik or online retailers would destroy our business. Far from it! Our attention to personal service, desire to maintain quality and comfort, and love for what we do, have made us come out stronger the other side.
We have always considered ourselves as an extended family. Those who work with us know that we value all relationships, the trust and respect that it brings, and the loyalty that it fosters. Over 24 years, we have met some incredible people, drunk some incredible wine and eaten some delicious meals all over the world.
We have been a leader in unifying and promoting independent eyewear designers through our event organization of the LOFT NYC and LOFT SF. We are also extremely proud to sponsor charitable causes on a case-by-case basis, donating eyewear to people in need in Tanzania, Guyana, Haiti and more.
Above all, we strive to learn, to give and to enjoy what we do.
Richard Mewha. El Presidente.